Tiffany Joy Chapman

Born a northern girl and converted into a southern girl, I think I’m a pretty good mix of both worlds. I was born in Wisconsin (the youngest of 4) and spent my early years catching toads, swimming in the local pond, playing with any animal that wouldn’t run from me and playing either baby Jesus or an angel in every Christmas pageant my parent’s church put on. My family moved to Alaska when I was 10 in search of adventure and boy, did we find it! It was there, when I was 12, that I truly submitted my life to Jesus. Growing up as a pastor’s kid gave me a great foundational knowledge of who God is and led me to a devotion for Him that has only grown over time.

An adventurer like my father, I was the first in my family to attend college, in Texas, no less! The Alaska to Texas adjustment was real and I hid in air conditioned buildings as much as possible the first several years. After graduating from Christ for the Nations, and then getting my bachelors degree at Dallas Baptist University my focus shifted to volunteering at church and waiting “patiently” for my husband to arrive.

In 2003 I was insulted by the man I was destined to marry. True story! His boldness and tenacity attracted me, however, and later the next year we began our courtship and 18 days after that we were engaged. In November 2004 I said “I do” and I’ve never looked back. 5 babies later, I marvel at how God’s plan has unfolded in my life. He is so so good to his children!

We now live in McKinney, TX and are involved in our local church. I have been involved in worship, administration, youth, children’s, and women’s ministry over the past 20 years and have learned so much about God’s heart for his people. Leading and mentoring women in my home has been one of my favorite blessings and I hope that this blog will allow me to reach women far beyond the access of my front door.


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