Grace, Wisdom, and the Coronavirus

Friends, please be cautious. It’s not fearful to say “no” to events or activities. It’s not fear that is keeping me and my kids at home. It’s not fear that led me to get three weeks of groceries (but no TP😉). It’s not fear that is keeping me from giving in to my kids requests... Continue Reading →

God Has a Word for You (are you listening for it?)

I was living in survival mode and I needed to somehow recover but sheer will power wasn't enough. I needed to rest in Jesus. Be ok with not being ok. Take one day at a time and focus on the beauty in the little things. This was a year of resting in God's love, appreciating the relationships around me, and learning to love the crazy life God has given me.

The Hardest Job for Parents

Do you want to know what's harder than cleaning up after five kids? Teaching five kids to clean up after themselves. Believe me, it would be so much easier just to send them all outside and do it myself but instead, I press through and (with gritted teeth and suppressed irritation) I instruct them AGAIN... Continue Reading →

Your Grief, My Grief

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Loss is hard. So hard. And loss comes in many levels, degrees, and circumstances and is experienced by many different types of people but it's all loss. It's a permanent separation of a person from your life, a final curtain close with no encore. It's the... Continue Reading →

In the End, It’s All About Relationships

I never imagined that preparing to lose my mom would be this painful and debilitating. I never knew that my life would pause, like a held breath, because of grief and heartache. I never knew how desperately I would grab onto the moments that I still get to have with her. I never knew I would be this angry about things I can't control. I never knew how hard it would be to watch my dad, watch my mom slip away. I never knew I would be this afraid of what's to come. I never knew how much I would selfishly struggle to keep her here instead of letting her go home where she will be with the One who loves her more than any of us ever could.

YouTube Channel Coming Soon!

We're starting a YouTube Channel! This last year has been amazing. I've rested a lot, grown a lot, learned a lot and now I'm ready to start sharing my thoughts again. I'm going to continue blogging in the coming months but will also be referring to and sharing insights from a YouTube Channel that my... Continue Reading →

I Hate Cancer

As I shaved what was left of her hair off yesterday after her 5th chemo treatment, I thought about how grateful I am that there is hope and a future for my mom. That her hair will eventually grow back and life will go on.
But what about those who are losing the fight or are still unsure which way the battle will go? Don't they have hope and a future too?

Irrational Fear – Overcoming What Seems Impossible

I truly believe that God’s heart for us is to be free of all fear. I mean it. Every-Single-Fear can be wiped away and we can live our lives in complete freedom and surrender and trust. I know, this sounds too good to be true, but I really believe it because His Word is full of encouragement to do just that!

Rocking My Polka Dots – Being Real

It's all about being real and being duplicatable. If I don't look perfect than the women I mentor won't feel the need to look perfect. If I don't skip the pool because of my imperfect body, my kids won't feel like they need to hide their imperfections. If I let my neighbor see my mess, maybe she'll let me in on her mess and I can share the love of Jesus with her.

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