Grace, Wisdom, and the Coronavirus

Friends, please be cautious. It’s not fearful to say “no” to events or activities. It’s not fear that is keeping me and my kids at home. It’s not fear that led me to get three weeks of groceries (but no TP😉). It’s not fear that is keeping me from giving in to my kids requests to see friends.

It’s wisdom.

It’s being responsible for the people in my house, specifically my Dad. It’s about not taking unnecessary chances. It’s weighing the possibilities. This is about choosing to miss out so I can do my best to keep my people alive (again, my dad lives with me). I hope and pray every day that in the end I was over cautious.

I found out today that I have four local friends that either have symptoms or are quarantined due to exposure this week. They aren’t on the CDC list. So many people that have the virus are not being tested and are not on the list. The ER didn’t even test my friend, they said she has it and to go home and quarantine. It’s impossible to know the extent of the risk.

I know many people are afraid but not everyone that is distancing is. Please don’t ridicule, scoff, or roll your eyes at people that are choosing to be cautious. Please don’t make others feel bad for declining your invitations. Also, please don’t flaunt your decisions to avoid or not avoid groups. Be responsible for your family and consider others by being aware and accepting of their concerns and choices.

Especially if you’re a Christian.

It doesn’t mean you have more faith if you keep living life as normal and it doesn’t mean you lack faith if you quarantine.

Too many people are judging and choosing to take offense over people’s personal decisions and methods to protect their families. Let’s all show our faith in our measure of love and grace for each other.

God is good, He’s still on the throne, and I trust him fully. I’m also not going to let you in my house. 😊💗

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