Pray Now – Living with Jesus Moment by Moment

Ever tell someone you’ll pray for them but then forget? Ever comment on a friends facebook post, “Praying for you” but you’re really not? Maybe you think you’ll pray when you have your quiet time later but then you don’t end up having a quiet time. I get it, life gets busy.

Let me encourage you to just PRAY NOW.

Whether you’re in a public place or in your living room. When you hear of a need, pray now.

Praying is simply a conversation between you and God. It doesn’t have to be a long or formal conversation, it doesn’t even have to be out loud (God is cool like that). It just needs to be honest.

You see, Jesus isn’t sitting at your house in your favorite “quiet time spot” waiting for you to come meet up with him. He’s with you everywhere, all the time. Watching, waiting, hoping you’ll acknowledge him, talk to him, share your everyday life with him.


It’s like planning a date night with my hubby and then ignoring him all morning and afternoon. That wouldn’t create much intimacy in my relationship with him if I compartmentalized my interactions with him.

In the same way, we grow in our faith and our love for Jesus the more that we spend time with him. And that can happen during every moment of every day, not just on Sunday or during a Bible study.

I remember rolling over in my SUV after we had been T-boned by a huge truck. All I said was, “Oh Jesus, oh Jesus,” over and over again until our four wheels landed on the ground again. It was not a fancy prayer but we all walked away with minor scrapes and sore muscles. My best friend, Jesus, was in the wreck with us, holding us all secure in an otherwise out of control moment.

There have been sweet moments when I’m in awe of the beautiful children in my life and I don’t selfishly hold that moment to myself. I share it with Jesus who is right there with me, in that moment, in love with my kiddos too.

When I see an incredible view, a sunset, a full moon, a beautiful cloud filled sky or a meadow of rolling grass, I share it with the creator. I say, wow, you’ve outdone yourself with this one, it’s incredible! Becuase he’s right there with me, enjoying the view too.

Praying now does amazing things for our relationships with each other too. When a friend confides in you about a tough situation in their life, imagine the encouragement and hope they’d feel if, instead of saying “I’ll be praying for you” you said, “Can I pray for you right now?” Then they can hear your conversation with God, experience first hand your compassion and empathy as they hear you requesting a solution on their behalf.

I remember asking to pray for a neighbor I had just met when she shared a concern with me. She insisted that it was not necessary and seemed a bit embarrassed about the attention she was getting. The next time I asked if I could pray now, she said ok. And now, a year later, she comes to my house often just so that I can pray with her about situations in her life. That is Jesus in action in our everyday lives!

So, allow me to encourage you again. When the opportunity arises, PRAY NOW.

Your friends need it NOW and Jesus is waiting NOW to hear from you. When you’re living life and frustration hits, or you’re struck by something beautiful, or you’re just folding laundry, include Jesus in those moments because he’s there already, just waiting for you to say hi.


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