The Con Man’s Daughter – Book Review

I just finished reading The Con Man’s Daughter by Candice Curry and I loved it so much, I had to share it with all of you. This book is about Candice Curry’s broken past and the story of rescue and redemption by God.

We all have heartache in our lives to some extent or another. Some more extreme than Candice’s and some less, but it’s all brokenness that needs the healing love of the Savior. In her book, she leaves a roadmap to redemption that others can follow. Wherever you are in your journey of healing, you can find comfort and hope in the pages of her story.

Candice has a wonderfully smooth and captivating writing style that keeps you reading till the end. Full of candid stories of heartbreak, hope and healthy doses of comedy, this is a great read!

From rugged and raw descriptions like, “You could almost hear my tears, like waves reaching the shore,” to beautifully written word pictures like, “As I made the long hike across the parking lot back to my car, I started to hear the bricks crash onto the asphalt. One by one, the bricks that had taken too many years to stack up around me came tumbling down, crumbling in my path. I left a wake of rubble behind me, and all the demons from my past could no longer follow me,” Candice kept me captivated page after page.

I pray that we all come to the place in our lives when we can say, like Candice did, “From that day on I was going to love myself enough to be free of the chains in which I had wrapped myself so long ago. From that day on I would have the courage to forgive others and myself for the sins in our lives. …From that day on I would embrace that my heavenly Father had always considered me Daddy’s little girl…”

Friends, you are loved and God wants to set you free.

The Con Man’s Daughter can be purchased on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. 

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