If Chasing Weight Loss Fads Burned Calories I’d Be Skin and Bones

Can I share an update on my weight loss journey with you?

My roller coaster tendencies in dieting and weight loss would make even the most extreme thrill seeker lose his breakfast (anyone else? anyone? just me?). Though it’s much different this time in many ways (I’ll get into that later) I have been down this road before.

Maybe you can relate to my weight trend?


I’ve done Atkins and Paleo and Trim Healthy Mamma and Slimfast and the Heart Health Cookbook and No Carbs and No Sugar and No Eating after 7 and Juicing and the Master Cleanse and the Game On Diet and I can go on and on…

These crash diets were awesome at first but I just couldn’t keep up with them for long. I would need a treat or a cheat day or we’d go on a date night and gorge ourselves for the sake of love. (eye roll) And I would step on the scale the next morning and think, “why do I even bother, this is a losing battle.”

I am currently the heaviest I have ever been (not pregnant or postpartum) and I’ll be 40 in 3 years. Something HAS to change!

In my Blog Eating Right – Giving My Body to God (What the Health) I talk about how the missing element in my weight loss was the realization that my eating issue was a sin and God was calling me to surrender my whole self, including my body, to Him.

So now I’m walking in obedience and I’ve embraced the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle and I feel great! Mostly because I’m pleasing God but also because my body is being fueled with delicious food and I’m not starving or feeling deprived. Here’s what I had for dinner last night. (Vegan Brownie Recipe)

And the other day I made these: (Vegan Blueberry Muffin Recipe)


And Hubby and I went on a date night and did our usual “we love each other so let’s stuff our faces with yummy food tonight” trend but I didn’t blow up the next day. We went to a vegan burger stand and ate an incredibly delicious (though high in fat) plant based meal.

And after a week of eating constantly and stuffing my face with 95% plant based recipes (there’s a learning curve!) here’s what my weight trend looked like.


See that drop in my weight chart? That’s from this week with my pasta and muffins and brownies and veggie burger and fries. What the what?! And it wasn’t an extreme loss resulting in starvation mode like most other diets I’ve tried. It was a gradual loss, half a pound one day, a quarter of a pound the next. You know, the kind of weight loss that lasts.

I think God was on to something when He started us out as plant eaters in the Garden of Eden.

I can tell you the truth when I say that I’m done chasing my own plans with diet fads. I’ve surrendered to God’s plan FINALLY and of course…


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